Growing up in a small town in Alberta, Canada, Dani spent her younger years studying various styles of dance and was classically trained in both voice and piano. Dani has spent as much time as possible in the recording studio developing on her sound, working with anyone and everyone she could to build on her connections to craft and mould into her unique sound and style.

Her new single “The Maze” is an empowering, upbeat pop song with 80s synths and contemporary production stylings.

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Dani Le Rose has returned with her new single The Maze (Feeling That Feeling Without You), a track which sounds amazing. The vocal performance is sublime and has a unique sound. Beside, the danceable vibe are surreal and the stellar atmospheres know to impress!

The Maze (Feeling That Feeling Without You) is a track that needs all the attention, so make sure to stream it as soon as possible and dance along!

Do not hesitate and add The Maze (Feeling That Feeling Without You)  your playlist(s).

You can stream The Maze (Feeling That Feeling Without You) on Soundcloud or Spotify!

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Dani Le Rose’s new video “Shellshock” gets your heart pounding immediately, comically blending risqué imagery and soft camera filters against the back drop of a sort of 80’s trailer park aesthetic, like a softcore adaptation of Napoleon Dynamite.

You begin to feel the female struggle of fighting off old conservative notions about female sexual exploration, as the story depicts a repressed and curious housewife fighting for the attention of her less than present partner. His frustrating character is most assuredly is a metaphor for the tired patriarchal ideologies of the 1980’s religious, family, and political dynamic, as he remains completely oblivious to the lavish attention of a female, the kind of attention that most men can only dream about.

You can see our protagonist’s curiosities span the gamut of “taboo”, as she fantasizes about everything from same sex experimentation, to masturbation (with a virtual cornucopia of household items I might add), from anatomical exploration, unlocking the secrets of the female orgasm, to BDSM and domination role play.

The arousing nature of the video is aided by a cast of characters, including Dani herself, who graces the screen while erotically signing and dancing around a pole in the protagonists living room. Our protagonist is then systematically depicted (presumably inside her own head) in a variety sexual-entanglements that are extremely unlikely to occur in her life, given the nature of her current relationship.

Dani’s voice is very sensual, the producer’s use of reverb is masterful, as it perfectly marries the arousing imagery of the video with the sexually liberating vibe of the song. Dani Le Rose is breaking ground that should have Tov Lo and Mrs. Gomez looking over their shoulders. You can check out the new video or stream the with the links below.


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The latest single by the emerging Canadian singer-songwriter Dani Le Rose is one of the most compelling songs you’ll hear this year. “SHELLSHOCK” is a spellbinding anthem that represents women’s sexual expression and the significant breakthrough we’ve witnessed in the past 20 years. The highlight here is Dani’s alluring vocals built over an appealing and vibrant electronic R&B production which instantly gets you hooked.

In the accompanying music video, the main character is so desperate to escape the daily monotony of her life that she would rather destroy her husband than speak her truth.


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Canadian singer/songwriter Dani Le Rose is back with a brand new single entitled “SHELLSHOCK”, written by Dani Le Rose & Shay Zaid, and produced by Julian Feifel.

The Vancouver-based artist revealed the visuals for the song on January 25th. Directed by Bruna Arbex, the video illustrates women’s inner sexual desires in a very unique and powerful way.

“I hope when people watch this, they first of all don’t take it too seriously and second of all are inspired to create art, laugh a bit about ridiculousness and also let their inner sexual desires be heard,” says Le Rose.

“SHELLSHOCK” is the first single off her upcoming EP, to be released in 2019.


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Sexuality like skin is inevitable. Dani Le Rose’s new single “SHELLSHOCK” is a vividly penned representation of female sexual expression and the intrepid breakthrough of blatant carnal desires induced by women.

In the “SHELLSHOCK” video, the main character is so desperate to escape the daily monotony of her life that she would rather destroy her husband than speak her truth. Some people carry their longing for sex and passion like a burden-filled tote but no such guilt should be hauled around.

Sonically this record is permeated by versatile and diverse vocal executions amid climaxing production with a pop, soul and rock vibe. We need more artist like Rose, those doused in valorous intentions and a desire to curate music that delivers a message and possibly unravels some feathers. Check out her latest release below.


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Dani Le Rose – Shellshock Dani Le Rose - Shellshock

Release Date: Out Now

So, warning alert on this one, the video to this track is one of the weirdest pieces of eroticism I’ve seen in, well, ever. Somehow, this video makes home work-outs, vacuuming and 80s glasses all intensely sexual as Le Rose bounces around a dark house giving her best breathy vocal performance. ‘Shellshock’ on its own would be a chilled and undoubtedly sensual story of unexpected desire with sparse musicianship allowing those intense vocals to demand all of your attention. Coupled with the video, this is an experience that Madonna would be fully supportive of in her most subversive moments and the housewife fanclub of Fifty Shades of Grey would probably faint over – except for you Barbara, you saucy li’l minx you.


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If you enjoy the work behind “I’ve Told Lies”, you’ll be blown away from her other visuals. Her previous tracks “Cruel” and “Love U More” tie in with each other making a unique and detailed storyline. Each video adds on to one another. Luckily, you don’t have to watch the previous video to know what’s going to happen next.