Dani Le Rose’s new video “Shellshock” gets your heart pounding immediately, comically blending risqué imagery and soft camera filters against the back drop of a sort of 80’s trailer park aesthetic, like a softcore adaptation of Napoleon Dynamite.

You begin to feel the female struggle of fighting off old conservative notions about female sexual exploration, as the story depicts a repressed and curious housewife fighting for the attention of her less than present partner. His frustrating character is most assuredly is a metaphor for the tired patriarchal ideologies of the 1980’s religious, family, and political dynamic, as he remains completely oblivious to the lavish attention of a female, the kind of attention that most men can only dream about.

You can see our protagonist’s curiosities span the gamut of “taboo”, as she fantasizes about everything from same sex experimentation, to masturbation (with a virtual cornucopia of household items I might add), from anatomical exploration, unlocking the secrets of the female orgasm, to BDSM and domination role play.

The arousing nature of the video is aided by a cast of characters, including Dani herself, who graces the screen while erotically signing and dancing around a pole in the protagonists living room. Our protagonist is then systematically depicted (presumably inside her own head) in a variety sexual-entanglements that are extremely unlikely to occur in her life, given the nature of her current relationship.

Dani’s voice is very sensual, the producer’s use of reverb is masterful, as it perfectly marries the arousing imagery of the video with the sexually liberating vibe of the song. Dani Le Rose is breaking ground that should have Tov Lo and Mrs. Gomez looking over their shoulders. You can check out the new video or stream the with the links below.