"The latest single by the emerging Canadian singer-songwriter Dani Le Rose is one of the most compelling songs you’ll hear this year. “SHELLSHOCK” is a spellbinding anthem that represents women’s sexual expression and the significant breakthrough we’ve witnessed in the past 20 years. The highlight here is Dani’s alluring vocals built over an appealing and vibrant electronic R&B production which instantly gets you hooked."




Produced by: Julian Feifel
Written by: Dani Le Rose, Shay Zaid & Julian Feifel


Directed & Edited by: Bruna Arbex
Concept: Dani Le Rose
DOP: Fred Imbach
Produced by: Maxime Beauchamp
Camera Operator: Jorjdin Bardell
Gaffer/Color Correction: Chian Yu
PD: Daniel Lord
Art Assistant: Amandine Dun
Stylist: Emily Gray
Key Makeup & Hair: Nicole Dreyer
Photographer: Tatum Maclean
Graphics: Jesse Shaw

I've Told Lies

We all tell lies, big or small, but we only feel the need to confess something from the depth of our dark to the person we feel that special connection with.  The lyric 'take me to the deep end" expressed that need to wanna know someone else's darkness with little to no judgement. Only when you love someone deeply can you love all of them even with those fucked up parts they show.

It comes once in a lifetime, if you are lucky.

-- Dani Le Rose


Directed by: Chad Rook
Concept: Dani Le Rose
DOP & Cinetography: Brent Curran
Produced by: Milos Angelov
Written by: Dani Le Rose, Milos Angelov, Jocelyn Alice, Irina Angelov
Stylist: Jason Pillay  -  Asst Stylist: Sabia Kular
Makeup: Jen Tioseco  -  Hair: Shannon Marie Hair
Video Produced & Edited by: Chad Rook & Dani Le Rose
Actor: Len Harvey


This song is extremely special to me.  The words were not only for myself, but intended for others who may have experienced the strange same strange and disconnected feeling.  The feeling of wanting to make excuses for someone who you are aware, deep down, is influencing your life in a negative way.  The only person who has the power to shatter your soul but in the same breath give you your every need and desire.  The sole person you know is not keeping their word, but you yearn to be in their presence.

Every so often you will get this glimpse of beauty from them and you just want to feel and relive that moment again.  That feeling of wanting to be close to someone because  of the person they turn you into, and when that magic happens, the world around you doesn't matter.  It's almost drug like.

-- Dani Le Rose


Directed by: Chad Rook
Concept: DANI
DOP: Brent Curran
Produced by: Joel Stouffer
Written by: Dani Le Rose & Maia Davies
Stylist: Emily Gray
Makeup: Melanie Bosse
Danicers: Colleen Cassidy, Molly Wallace, Anika Robertson, Vanessa Stone and Sage Webb
Choreography by: Bronwynn Joy & Omar Khan

Special Thanks to Diane & Dwayne Stewart


"There is a deep dark place inside me which comes out when writing a song.  The lyrics are reminiscent of a time I felt love for someone even though they were unable to reciprocate. It was such a distinct feeling, as it alluded to unconditional love that love can’t be, unless the one you love; is giving it back.  I feel this happens a lot in this day and age.  People unable to commit to relationships but are left starving for human connection.

This type of love is dangerous and full of illusions.

I used to be in a relationship with a drug addict.  I felt the direct push and pull of love.  One day he loved me, the next he was out the door looking for his fix.  I stayed in the relationship because I wanted to 'save him' and help him get better.  I didn't realize giving him all my energy and time was only sucking me dry of my own wants and dreams.  I spent many years allowing this person to hold me back from my success and financially being able to launch my career.  Whenever I write songs, I revert back to this time as it was such a substantial and revolutionary time in my life.  I felt the trivial ups and downs as they crashed through my soul.  Although there were heartaches, I learnt how to love myself.  Music was my only medicine and with that I feel that was my way of getting through that hell hole I'd put myself in.  Any song I write for this project will be with this theme as it's the most harsh part of my life.  I believe people can relate to this and want to hear about it. Love is cliche for a reason.

-- Dani Le Rose


Directed by: Chad Rook
Concept: Dani Le Rose and Chad Rook
DOP: Jason Cermak
Cinematography: Brent Curran
Produced by: Omar Khan
Actor: James Jenkins
Stylist: Emily Gray
Makeup: Jen Tioseco
Dress: Dillon Hayes